LOMO UP27 – Racking

Lomo UP27 / ЛОМО УП-27 racking project. Recently bought four UP27 microphone preamps + PSU unit. Documentation so far:

The 6HE 19″ case has been bought here. Their website doesn’t list a 6HE model at the moment but if you ask they’ll be able to deliver. The base plate also comes from this shop. Side panels are regular 6HE eurorack rack-ears put in a 90 degree angle screwed on the base-plate (see 3rd pic). On that aurorack rails were screwed (see first pic).

Aluminium bars hold connectors in place. This way the preamps can be removed by pulling.

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  1. Hello

    I found your page with the LOMO UP27 project. I’ve had 4 LOMO units myself for some time, which are still waiting to be put into working order.

    I see that you have the original LOMO power supply and I’m wondering if you could tell me its specifications because I will have to order the power supply myself. So, I’m interested in what its power is at 220V and 6.3V or what voltages it uses.

    I have plans that indicate that B+ is 250V and I would like to check if this is with or without load. I’m not an expert on vacuum tubes, so I would like to confirm before continuing with the project.

    Thank you in advance for any information. It would mean a lot to me as it’s hard to get accurate data.

    Best regards,

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