Gotek – placement

This walkthrough describes how mount your Gotek in your sampler.

Prepare 1:

If your sampler has a working floppy drive, format one or two (spare) floppies so you’ve got a “blanc disk”!

Prepare 2:

If your sampler boots from floppy drive. Make one or two spare boot-disks!

Mounting the Gotek in your sampler:

Remove old floppy drive. Put Gotek in same place.
Power connector probably has 4 leads.
Remove or cut the 12volt lead (yellow on pic). This one won’t be used by the Gotek.
Cutting isn’t necessary, but optional for safety reasons
You don’t want to connect it in the wrong direction while having an active 12v.
This could damage the Gotek.

Connect power lead with according to picture below:

When turning on the sampler the Gotek’s display now should show ‘HXC’.
Turn off sampler, remove (100v/110v/220v/240v) mains and proceed..

Connect floppy flatcable.
Some samplers will work when this cable is connected straight.
Other samplers need to have this cable reverse-connected.
Remember this. When entering “test phase” reversing the cable might be a solution if things don’t work at once.

Jumper settings might differ too depending on which sampler is used.
Often one jumper a position S1 will work fine.
But feel free to experiment if things don’t work.
Jumpers S0, S1 and MO are most used ones (the S-jumpers are for cable select and the MO jumper gives a motor on/off signal if I’m not mistaking).

Buy a USB flash drive. Different sizes will work. Not all USB flash drives will work. I once bought some cheap non-brands which didn’t work at all (I had four of these, none worked).
I’d suggest buying a quality brand.

Format FAT32.
Then put the config file (name of file: HXCSDFE.CFG) in the root BEFORE putting anything else on it!
It’s crucial not putting anything on it before config file has been placed.

When using a Gotek like I descibed here, you should download the “indexed mode” config file from the download area of HXC2001.

Direct download link:

Download starts.
Here’s the “Indexed mode config file” located: HXCFEUSB_HFE_beta_firmware/Config_Files/Indexed_mode/HXCSDFE.CFG

Place this file in the USB flash drive’s root. Now your USB flash drive is ready to use in a HXC floppy emulator. But your sampler can’t use it yet! (empty) Disk-images must be placed on it to enable the sampler to write and read.

There are different ways to make a suitable disk-image-file for your specific sampler:

  • Create it with HXC software. This option require you to know exactly which paramters have to be set for your sampler.
  • Download pre-made images from the net. A good starting point is the “Quick Install Disk Images” link HXC provides here.
  • Use a physical floppy you used to use and have HXC software convert this to a proper disk image. For this option you’ll need a 32 bit Windows PC with built in floppy drive (USB floppy drives won’t work). For this option you’ll need preperation steps 1 and 2 at the start of this walkthrough. 😉

How to convert physical floppies into HXC images will be the next walkthrough.

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