Gotek – HXC flash procedure

Hello all,

Quite regularly I’m asked how to flash a Gotek floppy drive emulator with HXC firmware so I wrote this walkthrough. I’ve tried to keep it as short and clear as possible. If any mistakes or shortcoming have occurred, please inform.


  • Gotek USB floppy emulator SFR1M44-U100K or SFR1M44-U100
  • USB-TTL converter
  • HXC firmware licence
  • 32bit windows PC
  • Soldering iron
  • Wire
  • Prepared USB flash drive

Prepare USB flash drive with latest HXC firmware:
Format FAT32
Download latest HXC firmware from HXC download area or use direct download link: Unzip and copy the .UPD file onto the USB flash drive. For example: HxCFEUSB_V3_4_11_2a.UPD

Open the Gotek. 3 screw located at arrows:

Pull out PCB: lift backside (connector side) and pull back while gently pushing the LED. Then push display to the right:

Solder a small piece of wire across points shown in pic. This sets Gotek in system bootloader mode:

Buy an USB-TTL adapter. You’ll find these on ebay of whatever electonics webshop cheaply.

Connect USB-TTL converter to Gotek:

Connect USB-TTL to a Windows computer with internet.

Now you have to but a HXC firmware licence here:

Pay by paypal 10,- + VAT and you’ll get one licence to flash one Gotek.

Download the file, unpack (one .exe and ond readme) and open the SecSerialBridge.exe file. (btw: readme.txt is another walkthrough).

Mind the fact you’ll need a 32 bit Windows PC!

This won’t run in a 64 bit windows machine or Apple.

Use your login credentials, click connect and you’ll see you’ve got one licence (if you bought one) left. Select COM port which carries the USB-TTL converter and click “program”.

Be patient ..

little more patient…


Now close program.

Remove USB-TTL converter from PC.
Remove green, blue and yellow wires from Gotek.
Insert USB-TTL converter back into PC (so Gotek gets powered).

Gotek Display will show: LDR

Put in the prepared USB flash drive with Firmware and wait until Gotek finished installing the firmware.
Gotek Display will now show: HXC.

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