Gotek Flashing

Diskdrive replacement with a cheap HXC flashed Gotek

Gotek Flash procedure
Place and prepare USB
Convert real floppy to HXC image

I’ve done this quite a few times with lots of different samplers. Despite the fact all this knowledge is thoroughly described by the HXC software developer and on some fora, I quite regularly get questions about how to to this. Hopefully in the future visiting this site will help people out a bit. 🙂

Yamaha TX16w

How to download and write Typhoon2000 OS on a floppy-disk. Also available:

  • HXC disk image file (Typhoon2000 OS and an Empty Disk Image)
  • Youtube tutorial Typhoon2000 OS -> Floppy-Disk

Roland S50 / S550

HXC disk images available. All images have been taken from copy (non-originals). I haven’t checked if information written by previous owner is correct or complete: