Christmas carol, We Three Kings a Cinesamples Holiday Composers Contest contribution.

Used: Cinesamples CineWinds, CineStrings & Cineharps

Newflangled Audio – Capture the Chaos.

Rules: Design a sound or song using Generate or Pendulate & capture the visualizer
All sounds made with: Newfangled Audio – Generate
Footage: Kaatsheuvel-Zuid, the Netherlands #icapturedthechaos

GreenSleeves, a 1580 English folk song, used as a starting point for this pre-autumn track:

JetStream, Epic Trailer-like track. Used: Guitars, Pro1, Kontakt (drums&strings) and some extra’s

CloudPusher, 08 august 2020 – another contribution. Combination of samples, guitar and synths.

Westworld Scoring Competition 2020 entry (3th of june). Spitfire Audio & HBO teamed up and brought his competition. Used gear: Cubase, Kontakt, some guitar and fx.

AirWaves – Hybrid Wave inspired Twitch contribution.