Yamaha – TX16w

Hello all,

A short post because recently I got some questions where and how to get Typhoon OS for the Yamaha TX16w. Most of you probably have read the original Yamaha – TX16w OS to be very user unfriendly. I’ve never tried this OS myself and directly went for Typhoon. Typhoon can be downloaded for free here: http://nuedge.net/typhoon2000/DownloadTyphoon2000.htm

To turn these files into a Yamaha – TX16w – readable 3.5″ floppy-disk (using a Windows computer) you’ll need WinImage: http://www.winimage.com/download.htm and a PC with diskdrive.

  • Take a Double Density disk. I’ve unsuccessfully tried High Density Disks (taped to fake a DD), so I’d recommend using an original DD disk.
  • Open file, browse for Typhoon 2000.imz
  • Click [Format+Write disk].. wait .. wait a little longer .. finished.

Some USB-diskdrives don’t seem to work properly.

A lot of floppy-disks have deteriorated over time and could be damaged without knowing. So be patient and give it another try if things didn’t work out at once!

For those who’ve replaced the floppy-drive with a USB emulator running HXC firmware:

Download file: YamahaTX16w_HXC_Typhoon_EmptyDisk.rar 
contains HXC diskimage files:
- Typhoon2000.HFE
- EmptyDisk.HFE